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Build Season Pep Talk 1

Phew. You made it. Build season 2016 is here!  Welcome to FIRST Stronghold! During this week your main focuses are strategy and design. Make sure you are trying to follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method and are keeping your mind open to other ideas. As these discussions can sometimes be heated, here is a reminder of 20 things that we should say more often: Specifically take note of number 4! We do not need to all agree, but is important that we remember we are all human and a family.

Just a few dates to keep in mind:

February 4th at 3 PM EST: Chariman’s and the Woodie Flower’s Award submissions are due. (24 days left)
February 11th at 3 PM EST: Dean’s List and Entrepreneurship Award submissions are due. (31 days left)
February 23rd at 11:30 PM EST: Stop Build (43 days left)

Most importantly: FIRST is all about having the hardest fun ever, so make sure you have fun! I am here for you to provide assistance in whatever you may need, so please do not hesitate to reach out. (I have knowledge in all areas of FIRST, and if I do not know I will put you in contact with someone else who does)

Have a wonderful week!

Rebecca R. Wasmer
FIRST® Senior Mentor, Western NY