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Build Season Pep Talk 4

Hello Teams!

Build Season. Week 4. How does it feel? If your team is still working towards your goals, you should feel fantastic. You are taking an incredibly difficult challenge and sticking to it. I commend you greatly for that!

This week I want to talk about a subject that stresses me out greatly, being wrong. Take 20 minutes and watch this Ted Talk from Kathryn Schulz: She talks about how we feel when we find out that we’re wrong. “Most of us will do anything to avoid being wrong” and I would have to include myself in that grouping. During build season the stress and lack of sleep will often get to us and I think it is important to realize that we might be wrong sometimes. In her talk Kathryn also brings up the fact that by the time we finish elementary school we see “people who get stuff wrong” as “lazy, irresponsible dimwits”. Make sure you are talking with your team members and mentors about being open to other’s ideas, practicing Gracious Professionalism, and having constructive conversations. Our society has been trained to look at “wrongness” as being a completely negative thing, but it is ALWAYS the opportunity to learn. Measure twice, cut once, and before you even cut, have someone else check your design, wording, or logic. You might just save yourself a headache down the road.

They are up to Team Update #06, so make sure you are checking them!
Rochester Rally XII Reminder:
Details: Sunday, February 21st 2016 from 10AM to 4PM . “Pits” will open at 10AM, snacks & pizza will be sold to help pay for the event.
Location: 25 High School Drive, Penfield NY. Hosted by Team 1511 – Harris & Penfield High School. Robot loading will be at the back of the school on the loading dock.
Registration Link:
Due Date Reminders:
February 4th at 3 PM EST: Chariman’s and the Woodie Flower’s Award submissions are due. (3 days left)
February 11th at 3 PM EST: Dean’s List and Entrepreneurship Award submissions are due. (10 days left)
February 23rd at 11:30 PM EST: Stop Build (22 days left)

If anyone would like a fresh set of eyes on their Chariman’s or Woodie Flower’s Award submissions I am more than willing to give them a quick look if anyone would be interested.
Good luck!

Rebecca R. Wasmer
FIRST® Senior Mentor, Western NY