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Build Season Pep Talk 5

Hello Teams!

It’s Week 5 of build season! Chairman’s and Woodie Flowers Award submissions were due last week, so that should be one last thing that you should have to worry about! You have a little over two weeks until stop build day, so make sure you are looking through your checklist of things left to do. Make sure you are following the rules and have made sure to remember to create space and/or connection points for important aspects of your robot, such as your power distribution board, bumpers, battery, bumpers, light, bumpers, router, bumpers… did I mention bumpers?

As someone who has been involved with FRC for multiple years I can tell you that bumpers have been one of the most consistent things to be left to the last minute and kept teams from passing inspection. It’s the exact reason I was cheering after I first watched the reveal video last year. If you need help making sure your bumpers follow the game manual, constructing, designing, or creating reversible bumpers (Rather good video of those here:, ask NOW! Do not let bumpers be the thing that keeps you from your first practice match, please.

Also, since you are almost in the home stretch, take a second to breathe and make sure that your life is not stuck in fast forward. The following video is all about slowing down and I think it is something that us as a society needs to work on. As we race towards the deadline, take a second to slow yourself down, it could help you with what we talked about last week and you won’t make as many mistakes. Take the time to have dinner your family if you have the opportunity. Do your homework! Take the second to eat lunch and NOT work on something. As I hit send you have about 416810 minutes left of build season. How are you going to spend it?

They are up to Team Update #008, so make sure you are checking them here:
Rochester Rally XII Reminder:
Details: Sunday, February 21st 2016 from 10AM to 4PM .
Location: 25 High School Drive, Penfield NY. Hosted by Team 1511 – Harris & Penfield High School.
Registration Link:
Due Dates:
February 11th at 3 PM EST: Dean’s List and Entrepreneurship Award submissions are due. (3 days left)
February 23rd at 11:30 PM EST: Stop Build (15 days left)

I am so proud and excited to see the amazing work your teams have done so far! Keep sending me pictures!

Rebecca R. Wasmer
FIRST® Senior Mentor, Western NY