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Calling All FIRST Supporters


Calling all FIRST Supporters!


The Upstate FIRST Regional Leadership Team needs your help! As FIRST continues to expand in Western NY, we need excited and dedicated advocates like you to help grow the program and get the word out. We currently have a handful of dedicated volunteers that give their time year after year to ensure FIRST programs in the area (FLLJr, FLL, FTC and FRC) are a success, but as we grow and these seasoned leaders move on, the need for new, fresh faces becomes more important. If this group doesn’t continue to grow with FIRST in NY, our program will not be sustainable. We will not be able to allow every student who wants to participate in FIRST program join a team or compete in a local event.


Typically when people are asked to donate their time to FIRST, the initial reaction is to either volunteer at an event or mentor (which usually requires technical skills). The Upstate NY FIRST Leadership Team needs the help of people from all walks of life to accomplish our goal of growing FIRST. There are 7 key areas that are needed for the success of the FIRST program in Upstate NY. Below are the areas with the key deliverables:



We ask that you please review the key deliverables of these important positions and respond to Rick Bryant,, by July 25th for any positions you are interested in. Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Rick, Glen or any of the contacts listed below.


Thank you in advance for your support!


Ron Borden, FIRST Senior Mentor,

Rick Bryant, Finger Lakes Regional Planning Chair,

Dante Dilella, RCR Chair,

Elissa Nesbitt, Xerox Foundation,

Glen Pearson, FIRST Regional Director,

Elayne Stewart, FLL Affiliate Partner,

Rebecca Wasmer, FIRST Senior Mentor,