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Pep Talk #1

Welcome to the 2017 season of the FIRST Robotics Competition and this year’s game FIRST STEAMWORKS! My name is Rebecca and I am the FIRST Senior Mentor for the Western New York Region and this year I am continuing my Pep Talk series from last year. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the game animation this year, feel free to check it out below:

Now that we are all on the same page, let’s start off with those important due dates (All times are EST):

01/31/2017 – 11:59pm: Digital Animation Award Application Due

02/09/2017 – 3:00pm: Chairman’s Award Application Due

02/09/2017 – 3:00pm: Woodie Flowers Award Application Due

02/16/2017 – 3:00pm: Entrepreneurship Award Application

02/16/2017 – 3:00pm: Dean’s List Award Application

02/21/2017 – 11:59pm: Stop Build Day

While some of these deadlines may not be applicable to all of you, it is important to make note of the ones that do apply.  I will keep this list updated as we move throughout the season, but it is ultimately up to you to make sure you have all components submitted.

Onto the robots! It is crucial that your team stays up to date on the Rules and Updates that come out. You can find them here: Team Updates 2017 Currently we are up to team update 03! If you need further rule clarification take a peek at the questions other teams have been asking on the Q&A which can be found here: FRC Q&A 2017. Never forget that you are a part of the FIRST Family and we are always here for you!

Lilo and Stitch Hug
I am so excited to see the innovative robots that are designed and built this season. While you are moving throughout the design process keep your mind open to new ideas and work hard towards to your goal. Now, this year I am not going to be physically in the states for most of build season as I am traveling to the Australian Outback to help start teams there! Feel free to contact me through e-mail or Ron Borden if you need anything throughout this season. Hopefully you are still enjoying this season and working through the design process. We’re on Week 2 now, which means you are over a third of the way to the end!

As you continue on this season, when things get tough, don’t forget to “Don’t Stop, Don’t Give Up!”

Good luck!
Rebecca R. Wasmer
FIRST Senior Mentor, Western NY