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Pep Talk #2

It’s Pep Talk #2, folks and I have a quick challenge for y’all!


01/31/2017 – 11:59pm: Digital Animation Award Application Due

02/09/2017 – 3:00pm: Chairman’s Award Application Due

02/09/2017 – 3:00pm: Woodie Flowers Award Application Due

02/16/2017 – 3:00pm: Entrepreneurship Award Application

02/16/2017 – 3:00pm: Dean’s List Award Application

02/21/2017 – 11:59pm: Stop Build Day

One deadline I forgot to include last time that could prove to be important for many of you who are attending the Finger Lakes Regionl: 02/27/2017: Pre-order lunch orders for the Finger Lakes Regional are due

Onto the content…

Being an alumni of a team and a mentor, I have seen firsthand where teams can feel divided despite them working towards the same goal. Especially with the stress of build season, this emotional division can create problems that make it difficult to effectively work through problems. As a teacher, one of the tools that I use in my classroom to help maintain a positive community are team builders. Sometime during your team meetings this week, I challenge you to choose one of the following three team builders, record your team doing it, and e-mail/share it with me. I hope to see my inbox flooded with videos of teams participating. I chose these team builders because I have found them to be successful in multiple venues, and with varying time commitments. The first one only takes 2 minutes! Make sure you get everyone, including mentors, to participate!

Purpose Mingle

Time: 1 – 2 minutes
Number of Participants: Any
Tools Needed: None
Rules: This one is for those of you looking for a great indoor team building game that won’t take up much time. Before a meeting, have each individual walk around and share what they hope to contribute to the meeting with as many people as possible. If you want, offer a prize for the person who shares with the most people, and another for the person who successfully contributes what they shared.


Game of Possibilities

Time: 5-6 minutes
Number of Participants: One or multiple small groups
Tools Needed: Any random objects
Rules: This is a great 5-minute team building game. Give an object to one person in each group. One at a time, someone has to go up in front of the group and demonstrate a use for that object. The rest of the team must guess what the player is demonstrating. The demonstrator cannot speak, and demonstrations must be original, possibly wacky, ideas.


Line Up

Time: 5-6 minutes per round
Number of Participants: One or multiple groups of 8 to 10
Tools Needed: None
Rules: Ask the group to line up. Works best with 8-10 in a line. If you’ve got a bigger
group, split them up and challenge each line to complete the task first. Without speaking, ask the group
to form a new line in order of….

Now, get those brains moving! I can’t wait to see your videos!

Best of luck!

Rebecca R. Wasmer
FIRST Senior Mentor, Western NY