FIRST family of programs never stops building upon itself, starting at age 6 and continuing through middle and high-school levels up to age 18.   Participants master skills and concepts to aid learning science and technology through innovative projects and robotics competitions.  For a complete description including how to start a team, find a team, season information and registration go to

FIRST LEGO League Jr.  Grades K-3

FLL Jr. captures  young  children’s  inherent  curiosity and  directs  it  toward  discovering  the  wonders  of science  and  technology. This  program  features  a real world  scientific  concept  to  be  explored through research,  teamwork,  construction,  and  imagination. Guided  by  adult  Coaches,  teams  use LEGO®  bricks to  build  a  model  that  moves  and  develop  a  Show  Me Poster  to  illustrate  their journey.

Children  get  to

  • Design  and  build  a  challenge-related  model  using LEGO  components
  • Create  a  Show  Me  Poster  and  practice presentation  skills
  • Explore  challenges  facing  today’s  scientists
  • Discover  real-world  math  and  science
  • Begin  developing  teamwork  skills
  • Choose  to  participate  in  expos  and  showcases
  • Engage  in  team  activities  guided  by  Jr.FLL  Core  Values

FIRST Lego League, Grades 4-8

In  FLL,  children  are  immersed  in  real-world  science and  technology  challenges.  Teams  design their  own solution  to  a  current  scientific  question  or  problem and  build  autonomous  LEGO  robots  that perform  a series  of  missions.  Through  their  participation,  children develop  valuable  life  skills  and discover  exciting  career possibilities  while  learning  that  they  can  make  a  positive contribution  to society.

Children  get  to

  • Create  innovative  solutions  to  challenges  facing today’s  scientists
  • Strategize,  design,  build,  program,  and  test  an  autonomous robot  using  LEGO  MINDSTORMS®  technology
  • Apply  real-world  math  and  science  concepts
  • Develop  career  and  life  skills  including  critical  thinking,  time management,  collaboration,  and  communication  while becoming  more  self-confident
  • Become  involved  in  their  local  and  global  community
  • Choose  to  participate  in  official  tournaments and  local  events
  • Qualify  for  an  invitation  to  World  Festival
  • Engage in team activities guided by FLL Core Values


FIRST Tech Challenge, Grades 7-12

FTC  is  designed  for  students  who  want  to  compete head  to  head  using  a  sports  model.  Teams are responsible  for  designing,  building,  and  programming their  robots  to  compete  on  a  12′  X  12’ field,  in  an Alliance  format,  against  other  teams.  Robots  are built  from  a  reusable  platform  and teams  can  choose from  two  programming  languages.  Teams,  including Coaches,  Mentors,  and Volunteers,  are  required  to develop  strategy  and  build  robots  based  on  sound engineering principles.  Awards  are  given  for  the competition,  as  well  as  community  outreach,  design, and other  real-world  accomplishments.

Students  get  to

  • Design,  build,  and  program  robots
  • Apply  real-world  math  and  science  concepts
  • Develop  strategic  problem-solving,  organizational, and  team-building  skills
  • Compete  and  cooperate  in  Alliances  at  tournaments
  • Earn  a  place  in  the  World  Championship
  • Qualify  for  scholarships  at  over  100  colleges/universities


FIRST Robotics Competition, Grades 9-12

Dubbed  a  varsity  Sport  for  the  Mind,™  FRC  combines the  excitement  of  sport  with  the  rigors  of science and  technology.  Under  strict  rules,  limited  resources, and  time  limits,  teams  of  10 students or  more  are challenged  to  raise  funds,  design  a  team  “brand,” hone  teamwork  skills,  and  build and  program  a robot  to  perform  prescribed  tasks  against  a  field  of competitors.  It’s  as  close  to “real  world”  engineering as  a  student  can  get.  Professional  Mentors  volunteer their  time  and talents  to  guide  each  team.

Students  get  to

  • Work  alongside  professional  engineers
  • Build  and  compete  with  a  robot  of  their  own  design
  • Learn  and  use  sophisticated  hardware  and  software
  • Develop  design,  project  management,  programming, teamwork,  strategic  thinking,  and  Coopertition®  skills
  • Earn  a  place  in  the  Championship
  • Qualify  for  scholarships  at  over  150  colleges/universities